Welcome to The Buzz March Issue 2020

The Only Place You Want To Be

The Sunshine Coast is your place. More than ever this is the only place you want to be.

It seems like the world around us is gripped by coronavirus anxiety. Similarly, we are not immune from panic buying and food stockpiling. But certainly, in our local area, we are insulated to some degree from the impact of any trade and financial meltdowns.

As a result of the multibillion-dollar infrastructure projects underway our local economy is strong. Because major construction spending is set to continue for some years our region has a positive medium-term economic forecast. For this reason, we are considered a safe and stable location to invest in.

Furthermore, we offer additional benefits such as lower entry costs and great value compared to the capital city property markets. As a result, owning real estate here is a very attractive prospect.

Are you thinking of investing? Perhaps you’re considering upgrading to a newer or bigger home or a better position? Maybe it’s time to downsize and spend your time having fun?

If so give us a call. We’re here to help you make it happen!

Latest news

First of all, the ASX is down over 18% from the record high of February 20th, 2020. What a difference a couple of weeks can make! Stock markets are volatile the Treasurer tells us. He isn’t kidding.

Despite signalling a desire to not reduce rates further, the RBA has cut interest rates to a new record low. While recent cuts have not produced the desired outcomes, it obviously felt there was little choice but to act. Without a doubt the national economic indicators must be extremely poor.

Due to government pressure and a competitive home lending market, many lenders are passing along the full cut to lure new customers.

In contrast to interest rates, the cost of real estate is rising almost everywhere. Capital cities are surging and many regional markets have had reasonable price increases. Sydney and Melbourne have double digit growth and auction clearance rates are above 80%. Above all, it seems there is a desperation to buy in these markets despite the median price in Sydney now exceeding $1 million dollars.

Real estate and finance news

More great real estate and finance articles for you this month. Check out the latest on:

  • Prices still going up almost everywhere
  • First data from the FHLDS scheme
  • What’s next for interest rates
  • Will we get a credit squeeze or quantitative easing?

The Federal Government First Home Loan Deposit Scheme still has places available. Perhaps you’re a candidate. To learn more, follow this link to the government’s website:


 Local News

Great news for Coolum Beach Surf Club with Coolum named the best beach in Queensland.

Tips & Advice

Great information to help you including:

  • The most common mistakes bidder’s make at auctions
  • A guide to depreciation
  • 8 ways to make moving a cinch

Property Reports:

Stay up to date with the latest information:

  • A Suburb Statistics Report for your suburb/s of interest
  • An excerpt from the latest Core Logic Home Index

Finally, see icons below and follow the links for your copy of the reports and to read the full articles.

Considering where you want to be? Thinking of buying your next place? Need to get top dollar for your current place so you can buy bigger and better? Please let us know how we can help!