Welcome to The Buzz November Issue 2019

Dream Big! We’ll help you get ready for real estate success in 2020!

Are you real estate ready for 2020? Yes, it’s only November. But look at how quickly this year has gone. Think about how long the lead times can be when you’re going to buy or sell. To be ready for remarkable success now is the right time to start your preparation.

No matter what your dream is, the journey to get there can start with one small step. That step can be as simple as planning. Contact us and we’ll assist you to work out what the next steps should be.

Dream big! We’ll help you get there.

Exceptional recent sales

Recent sales by Your Place have seen exceptional results for our clients. Examples are:

  • Property 1 achieved a street record sale price.
  • Property 2 had been on the market for 6 months without success. We put it under contract in 3 days on the market for $30,000 more than the sellers had previously hoped to achieve!
  • Property 3 was carefully prepared under our direction for the marketing campaign. We placed it under contract in 4 days on the market achieving a sale price that exceeded the sellers’ dreams.
  • Property 4 had a customised campaign designed to suit the seller’s special needs. We placed the property under contract without stress on their part and netted them more money in the process.

Has anybody heard of “quantitative easing”?

If not, then you might want to read a couple of the attached articles. The wider economic picture is not pretty, and the wave of rate cuts has not had the desired result.  Recent rate cuts risk significant negative consequences say the RBA, and there may be some riskier moves ahead.

Blissfully unaware of the nation’s troubles is how you could describe us here on the Sunshine Coast. We’re happily sailing along with a local economy the envy of most. But will a national or global recession, or an international conflict, see us run aground?

Real estate news and forecasts

At family BBQ’s has your family been arguing about who had it tougher when buying their first home. Well argue no more. Read the answer.

Everyone agrees that Sydney and Melbourne are heading for record price levels. Unhappily, they all agree that in a lot of other places, prices aren’t going anywhere.

No-one can agree if first home buyers are back, but the Government is already changing the rules on their new first home buyers’ scheme just in case they are.

Local News

Read the latest news stories and articles and catch up on:

  • the proposed surf ranch at Coolum West
  • pollution problems at the airport expansion
  • a big north shore development project
  • the wave of economic and population growth that has been fuelling housing demand on the coast.

Tips & Advice

Check out the articles on kitchen ergonomics, making an attractive offer, and where to invest.

Follow the link for your copy of:

  • An On The Market Report for your suburb/s
  • An excerpt from the Herron Todd White Month in Review
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